What You Should Know About The Realme GT 5G Camera


Realme has today Launched the all new dual SIM phone – Realme GT which will support the upcoming 5G network. The phone is still to be introduced in India also. In fact, it’s expected that this new phone would be available at an affordable price of Rs. 250. The Realme phone uses a quad core processor from Samsung and it also supports a Windows mobile operating system. It also comes with a high resolution camera, which is very similar to the iPhone and HTC Desire. realme gt 5g

Another interesting feature of the Realme GT5 is that it comes with a super-cooled display which offers bright, vivid colors and sharp images. Moreover, the phone comes with a high resolution camera as well, which is very similar to the iPhone and HTC Desire. One of the unique features of the Realme GT5 is that it utilizes an octa-core processor, has a quad band GSM modem, a gigabit Ethernet port, a micro USB port, and a headphone jack. All these features together provide excellent browsing experience.

In fact, the Realme GT5 offers a number of functionalities. First of all, the Realme uses a single removable card for data storage which can easily be expanded using MicroSD cards. You can store up to two hundred and fifty songs, sixty thousand pictures, and thirty thousand videos on the memory card. Furthermore, the Realme uses an eighty megapixel primary camera which is capable of taking quality selfies. On the rear side, you can find a four mega pixel camera with a 5.2 Mega-pixels resolution.

The body of the Realme GT5G has a full QWERTY keyboard which offers access to all the major functions of the camera. The rear glass has been frosted in a glossy manner which is another feature of the camera. The body is protected by a soft, scratch-resistant skin that also reduces the camera’s heat dissipation. Apart, from its robustness, the Realme GT5G offers a number of attractive features such as built-in jogger, voice activation, and noise reduction.

Despite being one of the most compact digital cameras available, the Realme GT5G packs a punch. It offers features that make it stand out from its peers. One of the notable features of the Realme GT5G is the presence of a built-in three-frame photo capturing system. It allows the user to take three photos at the same time from the front, back and center. If you are a professional or a student, this is an excellent choice since you will not need to use any other type of flash in order to obtain the high resolution images that you want.

The built in Quick Charge technology of the Realme GT5G ensures that the battery of the camera will last for a long time. This also enables the user to enjoy an extended session of shooting pictures with the camera for hours at a stretch. All these features together with the fast charging 65W makes the Realme GT5G a good choice if you want a compact smartphone with lots of useful features.

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