Smartphone Security

Use to be that a cell phone was just to make voice calls, now however, they are a computer in your hand and are getting more features with each new phone version. Smartphones today can go on-line, send text messages, send and receive email, interact with Facebook and twitter, plus much more. You can do all these things on your desktop or laptop and you probably have very good internet protection. Do you have the same for your smartphone?

The smartphone has a very big security problem… it is a very easy target for the bad guys to steal and once they have it they have ALL your information, contacts, passwords and maybe even your bank accounts. Did that get you a little worried, it should have!

If all of this isn’t enough, consider this; the bad guys can load software on your phone that will allow them to operate your phone’s camera. Think about that. Where do you take your phone, bathroom, bedroom: how would you like that all over the internet? oppo f17 pro

The nature of smartphones and the apps available for them make this a problem that you can do something about. Both iPhones and Android Phones have apps in their stores that can cut your risk and give you a little piece of mind. Many of these apps are from major internet security companies. They offer both free and paid versions of their smartphones apps. This is one app that you should really look at paying for; you get additional security features that make the money paid worthwhile. Their paid versions are usually less than $20 per year. Some internet security companies will give you their paid version for free if you buy their desktop security software.

Security Features for Smartphone Apps:


  • Virus and malware protection (checks all apps for viruses and malware)
  • Scan apps that you download (before you install them)
  • Browse the web safely
  • Locate your phone (can be used with Google GPS or another smartphone GPS)
  • Wipe all your information on phone (resets your phone to its default settings)
  • Lock down your phone (no one can use it)
  • Scan SD cards
  • Reverse photo (you can remotely operate your camera and see who stole it)


With most of us doing banking on our smartphones today, you should make sure that your bank accounts are protected from prying eyes. The security apps for your phone should have the above features.

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