For Sale – Trump-Senate-House Republicans

Do we have a Gun Problem? Does Trump blaming Democrats and Barack Obama for gun control legislation holds water? Let’s find out.

Democrats tried to enact various types of legislation, only to be filibustered or outright blocked by Republicans each time. Trump Repealed Obama-Era rule to prevent 75,000 mentally ill people from being able to purchase a gun. But it’s the Narrative of choice and the one Trump and majority of Republicans use after each shooting. “Bump stocks”, which helped the Las Vegas shooter hit over 500 people in 10 minutes, and turned a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic, still remain perfectly legal. Each time there is a Mass Shooting Republicans respond with: Heartfelt Condolences and… Just as fast, go back to their narrative of; it is Too Early to talk Gun Control.

Did you see a pattern? Republicans have shown No empathy let along concern for the children of your community with their blocking, delaying tactics (hoping you will forget soon after Mass Shootings occur), diluting and just simply ignoring calls for any Gun Legislation, all the while swelling their pockets and reaping Millions for their re election coffers from the Gun Lobby. ifb senator wss 8 kg

Sandy Hook: 20 Elementary School Children will never get to grow up and see the light of day. Columbine: 12 students will never experience Life. That Mass Shooting happened back in April 20 1999, too early to talk Gun Control? According to: Center for Responsive Politics

NRA, spent over $30 Millions so Trump would get elected. Trump has spoken glowingly to and about the NRA. The biggest recipients of NRA (in Millions): $7,740,521 – JOHN McCAIN – Senate $6.99M – RICHARD BURR (R-NC) Senate $4,551,146 ROY BLUNT (R-MO) Senate $4,418,012 TOM TILLIS (R-NC) Senate $3.3M – MARCO RUBIO (R-FL) Senate, an A + From NRA to Marco Rubio – friendly legislative position.

$3,124,273 – JONNI ERNST (R-IA) Senate $3,879,064 – CORY GARDNER (R-CO) Senate $3,061,941 – ROB PORTMAN (R-OH) Senate $2,896,732 – TOD YOUNG (R-IN) Senate $2,861,047 – BILL CASSIDY (R-LA) Senate $9,900 – CHUCK GRASSLEY (R-IA) Senate $9,900 – BRUCE POLIQUIN (R-ME) House $3,00 – DEVIN NUNES (R-CA) House Source: Center for Responsive Politics.

Among the top 100 House recipients of the NRA, 95 are Republican (New York Times-Opinion- Center for Responsive Politics). Dollar figures are career totals going all the way back to 1989.

In a nutshell Trump and majority of Senate and House Republicans have been bought and paid for by the NRA so they owe the NRA Big, your children… Not so Much! So next time you hear that it’s too early for “Gun Control”, maybe Republicans should listen to the voices of the Next Generation of Voters (in three-four years):

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